Monday, May 5, 2008

a Thank You note

This was posted by me on the Malaysian Dreamgirl Facebook on the 4th of May 2008. I would like this message to reach all those who have supported me.

Wow. It feels weird being back to reality. That 2 months that I was away somehow seemed to be an alternate reality for me. I had learned a lot and gained much experience from MDG but most of it psychosocially.

When I came back the first thing my dad did (other then hug me of course) was to show me the blogs. I was (and still am) very moved and touched by the support shown by so many people I do not know. Thank you so much. Because of you my drive to be better and bigger has grown stronger. The only way I can thank you enough for the support is to not let you down.

I cant thank you enough but if you do see me on the streets or anything don't be a stranger and do come up to me and say hi. I may or may not be able to remember all your names but please do know that when I am successful someday I acknowledge that its is indeed because of everyone of you.

Much love,
Jay ~_~


atie jaafar said... the first to comment. My comment is : No comment pls..
hehe :)

life-sized-doll said...

yeah..i'm 2nd to comment here. My comment is:
Atie..I second that...haha:)

Jaishana Logan said...

er...does that mean I don't have to say thank you or does it mean 'oh shadap abs, nuff bs!'? I hope is d ferz one =D

Huei said...

u did a great job! it's ok if u didn't win..i see u doing great here! =)

great job and well done! will definitely be a fan of urs when u get wait..u already are! ;)