Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day.

Well other then my mom I wanted to wish all the mothers that I knew via sms.... but I didn't wana send any of those lame'o' fwd msgs.... So it took me a whole day before I managed to come up with something which I thought was good (I thought it was- but read on and see wot it evoked from aunties). This is what my msg said:

Me and my bro had a long day cleaning the house, cooking a gourmet meal for mom and showering her with love. How do mums do it everyday? Happy Mothers Day! (of course I meant that in awe)

Aunty1; We do it with love thank you.

Aunty 2; When there is love everything is possible

So as you guessed most of the replies were similar to that...I felt like a total ungrateful ass..but as soon as Atie(she aint no auntie) replied me I was in stitches!

Mum with sense of Humor; By hiring a maid? Hehe. Say hi to your mom n thanx for the wish.


junkie said...

I forgot about yesterday (eeeep.). To be fair Mothers' Day in the UK is in March :p

Anyways, was going to drop by to say I'm glad you're starting a blog, and was unexpectedly surprised by your 'innovations'! I tend to do similar things as well....with powerpoint and paint, lol

I also created an MDG 'game', check it out! haha. Would also love to hear your comments about my analysis on MDG if you fancy reading it through...


aizat.cinta.goddess said...

hai!!jay!!i adore you since the Projet Runway..i did a few post about on on my check ok!!!

much love from model blogger-moi!

fie the elf said...

i think you should have won mdg! me and a LOT Of other people lol.

Unknown said...

Oh here i am again.. lol most mothers hiring maid nowadays.. :P nice ans she gave!

atie jaafar said...


Jaishana Logan said...

junkieHey hey kewl to meet a bird of a feather! I tried opening the game but couldnt...Im gona go read your blog and comment =p Oh btw thanks for being glad for me =D

aizat.cinta.goddessHey my favourite goddess! I did check your blog...been doing since last week. I saw one post abt MDG and another abt new models thingy. But I do like your taste (not just sayin that cos u like me)BTW how do u get pictures for your blog?

fie the elfthank you my widdle elf!Btw I read in your blog you wana do somekinda voluntary work in Malaysia..I have an idea that I wana work on (community service thing) but Im looking for like minded ppl to start this with. Would u be interested? But it will be the whole schomzzle la!Setting up stage and throwing ideas and bouncing em off each other!?

fie the elf said...

that community service idea sounds cool. i will be a part of your team and together we will be the ~super heroes of the universe~


Raja Mokhzairi said...

uyooo.... miss, kasi la idea. im leavin ipoh next week n i still din kasi my mom her presie?

Unknown said...