Wednesday, May 14, 2008

International L Day!

Bloody hell.... I'm pretty sure that today is freakin International Lazy Day! I cant freakin concentrate at all... actually I don't even feel like blogging... All I have been doing is sitting down n clickin my mouse around...not even playing games for fear I might have to use my mind to actually click FACEBOOK, search search stuff on Google ...I dont even feel like chatting...

me: very slow day today...
atie: yup
Sent at 3:31 PM on Wednesday
me: wat u doin?
atie: nuthin
i pening kepala
u dah tulis blog?
Sent at 3:49 PM on Wednesday
me: no
no mood at all
Sent at 3:50 PM on Wednesday
atie: same here
Sent at 3:52 PM on Wednesday
me: d time is movin fuckin slowly today
smlm i ader shoot
nanti ader kat magazine
but duno when
its for shu uemura
makeup nye
Sent at 3:54 PM on Wednesday
atie: wow
magazine ape?
Sent at 4:01 PM on Wednesday
me: female, ni-yuo (some chinese mag thing) and something like littleblackbook
i dunno
but d first 2 yea la
Sent at 4:02 PM on Wednesday
atie: wow
ok let me know wen its out k
me: okies
Sent at 4:06 PM on Wednesday
atie: u komen ape kat gambar bday oc?
Sent at 4:08 PM on Wednesday
me: nothin ah...
just that 'hahaha poyo'
atie: ooohh ok
i malas nak bukak facebook
Sent at 4:13 PM on Wednesday
me: tak yah
not worth
atie: hm i kno
im also tgh fikir how to earn more money
me: bladdy hell
yday i bought bread
n its 20sen more
Sent at 4:20 PM on Wednesday
atie: tu la
everythings more expensive
me: 20 SEN!
thats alot to go up wei
atie: i know
Sent at 4:22 PM on Wednesday
me: la la la
its international lazy day today?
my dad left d office!
atie: tu la
kusya pun dah blah dah
and i am soooo damn sleepy
Sent at 4:29 PM on Wednesday
me: ferk
Sent at 4:31 PM on Wednesday

Note to Self
Dear Abs@Jay or whoever, whatever your name is at the moment.... If you really are that lazy y the hell did you colour the 'Google' word exactly? why?Why?WHY? I demand an answer you insane person u! By the way this is a lame excuse for an entry!


Simon Seow said...

LOL. That's what I thought so too, why the hell so rajin the GOOGLE words matching colour with the logo.

Btw, Nue You (Female Friends) is like a sister magazine in Chinese.

as clara is said...

I can't believe the price of bread where you are has gone up by "20 sen"!

Loaves of bread here are about $3.40 each I think.. well the supermarket kind anyway. And then there's quality sourdough.. mmmm... about $6.00 I think, but still.. mmmm.. sourdough.

I think I would notice too if that went up by 20 cents!


Unknown said...

Yeah, so malas but you coloured 'google'. lol.

pinksterz said...

haha i think it is really international lazy day since i am feeling the same!!

fie the elf said...

For me every frigging day is LAZY DAY.

Daphne L said...

Simon Seow : it's Nu You. lol

Jay! I've always loved watching you in MDG and when you got eliminated I just stopped. Hahaha.

And am really glad you're currently blogging :D

All the best in your career!

junkie said...

Lol I was thinking the exact same thing - facebook and google all correct font and colours, lol.

Do more MS Paint sketches, they're cool!

Raja Mokhzairi said...

biaser la tue. fyi, i everyday international lazy day. tp kalau ade shoot ngan awek, whehehehehehe