Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Incoherent Thoughts - Fear, Dissorientation, Calm, Excitement, Envy, Lust and such..

In a State of Abstraction;

Following is an account of a dream. I had found it recorded on pieces of paper while spring cleaning. For some odd reason I don't remember why I had woken up and written down the visions projected by my wandering mind that night. This was some time back...but I thought I would share it with you.
BEWARE - Disconnected content. You are advised to read with an open mind and loads of imagination ~_~

My mom and some other is here
I am to walk into this room
There are many rooms
I don't want to
I feel fear
There is a spirit inside
I don't know if it's good or evil
I'm scared but they ask me to go in....
I go in.
The curtains open as if someone is drawing them
My heart thumps fast, pupils dilate
There is someone (spirit) there with me
I try not to bother but I can't
I run out, I scream and shout, Im crying , Shaking like mad
'This is hysteria isn't it?' I cry/shout to my mom
'I'm stronger than this' I say

We go to a fair
This is to distract me
The view is pretty
We are parked on a hill of some sort
And the activities are taking place in a valley of some sort
I see many familiar faces
My best friend Bulma is there too
I see here clearly, planning, arranging
Im down in the valley
Sitting at a table
She is there with me
We aren't talking
She is getting on my nerves
I hate her
She keeps on talking about him
She hurts me; doesn't seem to need me
I walk away
The seats are velvet or suede
I like it
They remind me of some elite clubs
I find him at the far end
I sit myself on the ground
between his legs
He is close to me
I feel his body heat on mine
skin on mine
My hands, arms are near or on his thigh, leg
I move my elbow backward softly
It touched him there
He jolts back
I pretend Im sorry 'it was a mistake'
A sinister smile within
then he looked at me with those beautiful eyes
We looked at each other
She comes and joins us, we stop looking
I'm ok with it I think


atie jaafar said...

u know wat, reading your dream,i think i can produce a painting out of this. It will be sumthing like Frida Kahlo's ( dunno who she is?, gooooogle la..). Seriously abs..

Jaishana Logan said...

atie jaafarOMG Id love that! I have been thinking abt how it would transtae into a painting....but im not skilled in that department. Seriously it would be so great that it would be crazy....mental images translated into words translated back to an image...and the best part is you wouldn't have seen the images in my mind! So it will be interesting to see if those images u put on canvas come close!

atie jaafar said...

woww..supercool! so write more and compile it. I can do a series of paintings..

Jaishana Logan said...

atie jaafar,Owh you are so does embody her work! But this Frida woman seems quite narcissistic no? But I like her work! Truly know what you mean, but about compiling it..I would need to have more of there incoherent yet lucid dreams...Cough mixture? Sure why not? In the name of art! eheh im kidding =)

as clara is said...

deep man deep...

sorry! I have to admit I didn't read the post - one of those scattered days and nothing's holding my interest.

what does one do after mdg? are you giving the modelling gig a go?

Hanis Zalikha said...


Unknown said...

Jaishana, Jaishana. I miss listening to all your weird dreams!! How is it going?