Friday, May 9, 2008

I _ _ _ _NY?

What do you think? eheh couldn't help myself =D

BTW i did not 'jumpe' this. Its my own creation..or should I say innovation (using MS Paint at work - no softwares ere)


atie jaafar said...

i fart ny

timms2 said...

Nice 2 c u blogging, love your writing. And wish you were in MDG finals cos you were great.

the auditor said...

haha good one, you should put that as ur msn display picture if already haven't. it should be one of those facebooks bumper sticker/mood pictures..

Anonymous said...

hahaha. Nice one. Hope everything's goin' great for you. =)

tulipspeaks said...

good to see you blogging, and like timms, i wished u were in the finals.

nevertheless, a person with talent shines no matter wht. wishing u all the best in your career!



as clara is said...

... i don't get it...

what's new york done to you? farts are sooooo evil.. eeww.. PARP! ewwww!

a w e n g said...

hi abs, hows it goin?..
found ur online refuge credits to ery. Wow, looks like a lot has happen to Slowly living the dream yeah..Keep it up gurl. All d best.

haha yup farts goes to the left aye.? hehea :P

a w e n g.

Simon Seow said...

This is done using MS Paint? OMG so nice.

Hanis Zalikha said...

I miss you too Ms Jay (with Celine's tone). I miss you telling me how you envied my youth. I bet you miss me telling you "No Jay, your head is not small" every morning.

Unknown said...
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aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love u to death!!!u was robbed by the finalist!!u should be the winne..or at least eyna ...sigh!!malaysian really don not know how to pick a good model..

go to my blog and find a few pst about you..i put u as my fav. model since u entered the Project fav. fresh model!!!

Unknown said...


those brown things look like skid mark to me. Hahahaha.

k said...


u are THE malaysian dreamgirl.

Jaishana Logan said...

atie; 100 points. but sorry no prize=p

timms2; hrm...thought u already said that..or maybe I dreamed it ..but thanks timm timms =D

ĵie-Χing & Łi ђong; ~drum roll~ i...i...i dont have MSN =\ (crowd gasps. Bumber sticker is kewl though.

lib5ion; ething is ok la... but thanks for hoping. eheh

tulipspeaks I wish I was too eheh...thanks for the wishes (BBH-big bear hug)

as clara is; Well nothing actually...its a long story..but one of my friends accidentally used the word fart in place of heart in a sentence and this image suddenly popped in my mind abt I heart NY...ok now that I xplained it it aint that funny anymore..but never the less farts are good..if we dont fart ... have yoll hear of spontaneous combustion? well yes that wud happen...not good =(

dean; eheh hows aussie man? have an accent yet? well the air-cond was blowing from the right when I was drawing it =D

Simon Seow; OMG dunla make me blush

Hanis Zalikha; but but but Im 19..i really am...serious..seriousleeeeee. I miss u baby. Sigh..I guess no road trip la now

aizat.cinta.goddess OMG! Besnye! Im so moved! Btw I love all those models that you mentioned as well. N the new faces ..they definatley good models but they all have very good personality as well. Hrm...looks like we HEART the same ppls! Thats kewl!

chzehong; TE'!(wrong buzzer sound)shit don't rhyme with heart la macha...ehehe

sKim &/or chamoo; iwoveutooooooooooo =*

Hanis Zalikha said...

sabar jay

a w e n g said...

ahaha.. air cond blowing? Dats a good one. :P (must b some powerful aircond u hv there)

aussie is greatt.. having a blast! accent? "nahh, hv'nt pik'd upp anneeyy ak'cnt theare yet, mate" haha sticking 2 msian accent je thnk u..more clearer. hehe

MDG ade youtube tak? wanna c u in action.

vivien said...

hahaha wow u r really creative and funny! :D

Unknown said...