Monday, May 5, 2008

How it all started

It all started when I moved in to a house with 12 girls about 2 months back. I cant really explain how Malaysian Dreamgirl (MDG) is the cause or rather motivation for me to start blogging. Maybe it was because I was surrounded by bloggers...Ringo is a blogger, Kenny is a blogger, and we were visited by lotsa bloggers including Tim from NuffNang. Maybe I realized that this was the best way to be heard. Maybe because I'm just too damn lazy to have a diary (its sooo yesterday...but I never had one anyway so its soooo last century). So many maybes, but the point is I want to or rather am making an attempt to blog. By the way I hate this picture of me. I look so freakin evil. I look possessed! No offense to the photographer or whoever who chose this picture.

The one in the picture is Gemma not Jay. Some of you might have met her. If you have you are definitely the lucky few.


-DK- said...

i blogged since 2004 abs, have i never inspired you to share your tales with others? :P

Jaishana Logan said...

Satohara Miki (Bulma); ala dunla lidat...u know me...i dont think I really have to explain cos u do know me...I Love you!eheh ~_~ Its just that every waking day for 2 months Ive been hearing the word blog blog blog....n ive been blogged about...ey wait.. i thought i said i wont explain myself? tak pe la ~_~ sayang Bulma

Simon Seow said...

Welcome to the Blogasphere, Jay.