Monday, May 19, 2008

The Frida Kahlo Project

With reference to Incoherent Thoughts - Fear, Dissorientation, Calm, Excitement, Envy, Lust and such.. (...14.May) I am putting up more disjointed thoughts in anticipation for it to be translated into a series of paintings. This project shall be called The Frida Kahlo Project in honor of the narcissistic, creative , incoherent thoughts of the late Frida Kahlo.

I'm at the backstage
I study the chart
We are to do five poses
There are many of us
Around 17-19
He walks in
I'm so distracted
'Look at the chart, concentrate!'
(I can't) his hair is beautiful
Black, Long, Curly, Bouncy
Features enhanced
I know it's make up
We all do
But beneath I know he is pretty

I go for dinner
He is there
A life sized Barbie
Skin so flawless
I want to take him home
Put him in my closet, or shelf
I tell him how beautiful he is - he blushes
I want him - Its awkward
This man dressed as a woman
Im so attracted to
I can't say why

Im trying on gold
Im getting married
We go to a bridal shop
They all look at me
Im naked
A try on many gowns
I settle for more gold
I like the gold on me
My man likes it too
He likes my gold skin better
I can feel he wants me
He swallows hard on his saliva
I lean forward, eyes closed
Feel is breath hot on my face
Mother calls me....

The man is at a charity event
Dressed in his tux
He dances with a child - she stands on his feet
Joy in her eyes, Joy in his
Joy turns to pain
Clutches his heart, falls down
The ambulance arrives
He fights the pain in vain
Hearts stop
The Grimm Reaper has arrived
He can't stop smiling
I can't stop crying
He was a good man
The daughter doesnt hug me
Doesn't want to
She is angry
Angry at Death for this should not be

I'm on top of a hill
The wind is in my hair
I see his son
He is handsome, just like his father
He prepares for the funeral
Not a shed of tear
but...As the priest hits the last hole on the pot
He cries and cries a lot

Yesterday a little girl wanted to play a game
'Snoopy is dead! Let's have a funeral!'
Her mother gasps, shocked
'Don't talk like that!'
The child laughs with glee
No one wants to play
But the child does.


atie jaafar said...

oh man...i dunno where to start..eheh

Jaishana Logan said...

ok tak?

miss Q said...

I love it!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

who is the barbie??

Jaishana Logan said...

Everyone wants to know who is the Barbie......... =p