Monday, May 5, 2008

Episode 18 - Malaysian Dreamgirl - the Good The Bad The Ugly

Episode 18 was rockin! Thanks to Alison. They should have had an award for BBB (Beauty with Balls and Brains). You just got to love her! She is just so funny, witty, smart, loony, cute, matured, adventurous, eloquent, approachable, charming, the list goes on. I sound so in love with her I know...but I am...actually we are in love and I know it could make the other girls sick how we display it so publicly. By the way before you get all hot and start thinking gay (pun intended) thoughts, I must tell you that we just really happy to have found each other... Everything is purely sisterly....seriously. Oh and we do look alike so its kinda like being in love with yourself! How narcissistic!

Looks like I have swayed from the point... yes Episode 18! Jay and Nadia were not there during the whole wrap up session where most girls put forth their views on the show and other girls (I say most cos some were as silent as death). I dont know why Nadia was not there. She didnt even join for the lunch at Fork and Spoon at Kota Damansara (they were the ones who sponsored the FnB during the finale i heard). I went for the lunch after which the girls were supposed to shoot off straight to RedFM to go on air. I had told the producer that i couldn't make it cos they only told me the night before the finale... and Karl Ng had asked me to be his muse for Fashion Gateway 2008 hosted by MODA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course la I picked Karl Ng! Sorry MDG, but Im all set to be warped into the real fashion world.

OMG I have so much to say! I will try breaking it down instead....

Fashion Gateway 2008
go check here...
008/index.html hehe

Malaysian Official Designers Association - filled with the who's who in the industry. Chaired by Mama G a.k.a Gillian Hung. checkout the website! eheh

Where was it held?
1 Utama, Oval - Fashion on 1 (yeap same place as the MDG finale)

The event rocked cos.....

i. I met lotsa ppl and designers. Von Jolly (yeap the guy that made the superbo batik couture dresses that we wore during the finale) was there and he told me how he loved my walk ~_~ grin

ii. I didn't have to rush around cos I was the muse... damn I felt like celebrity haha. Actually Yuen was his muse too...she is really tall! I think 5'11 whoa!

iii. Me and Karl took picture with Dato' Bernard Chandran ( I will smack u with a trout if u dont know who that is!) and he remembers me from Project Runway
! Yippee!

iv. Hung out with a cutely tipsy Winson Tan ( check out his creativeness at

v. Took Polaroid pictur
e (thanks to with Tengku Azura!!!! I heart her sooooooooooo much. I dont think she knows but I just cant find the appropriate way to tell her. Daymn.....again I sound like I have a crush! I dont.... I just admire her so so much. The first time I saw her walk was during a Seed fashion show in Mid Valley last year... she was so captivating and her walk was so strong and full of attitude. I would wait for her to appear every round, somehow the other models seemed to disappear before my eyes. Thats when I knew! I wana be a supermodel like Tengku Azura.

vi. Ma gu
rl Cassandra Patrick was there she is Miss Malaysia Model of the World 2007 first runner up. Cassie is so daymn kewl and awesome she rocks! She was a muse for Bonz. We hung out eating yummy finger foods like brownies (mind u they were really small like they would fit in Barbie's hand - so dont worry bout us gettin fat) and cupcakes and some weird thing that was served in a soup spoon. It was full off onions. You should have seen her face when she put it in her mouth. One minute she looked like Princess Fiona in her human form the next she was totally ogre! Thanks Cassie... I opted out.

The event suxd cos...

i. I don't know who took the picture with Dato' BC for us so I dont have it!

ii. Something happened backstage and it appeared that the models became the muse and the muse became the model. Yes Yuen and I weren't
in the photo Op.

iii. There was lotsa Vodka ...but I couldnt help myself much as I was driving back alone =( Plus I did take a glass but someone cleared it after my 3rd sip =|

iv. my car got over heated and broke down! I managed to pull up at Kinrara RnR. With the amount of steam that came out of my car that day Nothing will ever be Over (thats because it would have slimmed down the fat lady so as the saying goes 'it aint over till the fat lady sings'). Yeah well I spent few hours there messing around before my Hero came and saved me. I sent the car to the workshop. I got my car back yesterday with a fat bill of RM703. I went with my dad. But I paid of course...then he was like hrmm..'send your car to wash...wash the engine when you want to sell of your car in the future it will look well maintained'. So Im like yeah ok. what the heck rite...since I already spent 700 now lets make it look brand new la with another 4o bucks. But as soon as the car was ready and I started driving the speedometer started fluct
uating and finally stopped! The idioiks washing the engine wet the sensor and now I have to change the sensor and the speedometer! Talk about extra costs!!!! GOD Help Me. And Tan Chong Motors if you are reading is not to late to give me a Latio

PS. I got interviewed by TV2 along with my dear Karl. Will be on tv sometime in June it seems =D


Miss Michy said...

i loved how alison was so forthright, kudos to her! :) and yes, you two do look alike...glad you came away with a sister from the show :D

[b.a.m.b.o.o.z.e.l.e.d] said...

MY goodness me!she does look like u babes...crazy shiettt..I guess you have another 6 simillar looking "you's" to find eh..

Winn said...

no wonder i couldnt find a glimpse of u in mdg epi18!!!
well well all well ends well! i hope to see at the advertisements at the shopping malls more often ya........coz i hardly buy mags;p

or be a TV host la ok!! :

hoyden said...

you're blogging now!
welcome to my world~!
was great catching up with you babe... now go shine on those catwalks and rock the fashion scene!

kennysia said...

Is that you Jay? :P

InnocentWitch said...

Hey hey..... welcome to blogosphere.... i'll add ur link in my blog....

Alison and u really damm rock.....

Dominah said...

Jaishana, you can blog well huh? A hidden talent of yours that I just discovered. What else are you hiding Jemma?

abszynth said...

miss michy; thank you
[b.a.m.b.o.o.z.e.l.e.d]; she does doesnt she? You gave me an Idea! I will put up a post when I find the other 6!Hurm..or mebe I shall hunt them one by one...
winn; I would love to be all that you said!
hoyden; if you see me get lazy (u know la wot Im like) KICK me!
kennySia; yes Kenny. Are you sexay?
innocentwitch; please do that. Im still learning how to crawl ~_~
dominah; domDomDOM!I suffer from multiple personalities syndrome... so I dont really know what are all our talents.

Nlndr said...

abs! welcome onboard. when are we catchin up? :)

chzehong said...

hey there. linked you already :)

And good luck in everything!

Nadya said...

duh...I've been blogging for 3 years now, but I guess you've never even bothered reading it

abszynth said...

Nlndr and chzehong, thanks babes. you guys rok \m/

Nadya, Ive never been into this blogging thing as you should know. i tried reading blogs before but in vain. And I did try to blog before but it was in vain too. Its nothing personal that I didnt read your blog hun, I will be reading from now on no doubt bout that =) Weally weally!

jo-ann said...

hi jay, just one advise, you might want to break up your entry into paragraphs instead of blogging in one big chunk. it improves readability.

other than that, hello, and welcome to the blogosphere. :)

abszynth said...

jo-ann, thanks jo-ann...actually I didnt know what is the html tag for page break thats y =p

~g@LfLow3RcH*c~ said...

I know what you mean when you said that you absolutely love love love Alison, especially in the display of words in Episode 18! I absolutely love love lover her too...while the other girls just sit there quiet...LOL.

I think you're a great catwalk model!

abszynth said...

Hey guess whot? Its not in one big chunk anymore! Praise the Lord for < br >

Simon Seow said...

Congrats. This is great start after MDG.

blardy_cow said...

Jay, oh my goodness i cant tell u how much i love both u n Allison!!!!! tell her she has another fan k...u rock girls!!!

siewkwan said...

No wonder you look soooo fimilar!!! PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!! I'm a big fan, that's y! hahahaha.

You were actually one of my favourite!

Which episode? sorry I forgot...hehe

uzicarla said...

hi jay
i absolutely adore you all the way but with regards to alison... i used to think she's great and all until she revealed her true colours in Ep 18. She shouldn't have tried so hard to bring Cindy down. She just showed the world that she's as bitchy as anyone else in the house.
Anyway all the best in your future. You have the model looks and figure, you'll do very well!

jac_chien said...

Hi hi! I think u're about the only one who looks like a real model out of the 11 in MDG. Some of them might have the potential, but you are already polished and ready to go! :) Good luck on ur road to stardom~ hahaha

* Nette`Nette* said...

yay Jay! U have a blog and it's great to know u are already doing well! U may not have made it to Top3 but are already a winner!

U're just great! Keep it up babe!

rosewong said...

Didn't realise you were not there till you mentioned it here.

Love your catwalk though :)

and both you and alison look alike. Haha..

fie the elf said...

hey but it's the workshop's fault for not being careful while washing your car right, so they should bear the costs of changing your speedometer!

Sumitra Sothy said...
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