Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coke, Limbo Rock, Envy

The ice is melting. Don't you hate it when the ice melts in your Coke (if u drink coke - if not imagine your fav drink)? When you just got it, its just so terribly good! Everyone ones some! Even if you aren't passing it around some one would somehow manage to get it off your hands. But after awhile...the ice melts! That's when it happens...the drink is just left lying at some corner..maybe someone may take a sip or 2...make a 'eeyuew' face and walkaway promising never to let his taste buds go through that again. But the drink is coming to its end... even you who bought it just cant down it no more...U know how that is right? Good. Then you would understand when I say the ice in my blog is melting. I need to top up the drink and the ice.
Ive just been really busy...mentally as well. And that has somehow managed to suck dry my urge to write. Im in a place right now that is not too fun. A place called limbo. No. Don't get it confused with the 'Limbo Rock' by Chubby Checker, Im talking limbo as in heaven or hell! (Ok maybe thats tooooo dramatic - but you get the picture) So right now Id rather be doing the limbo rock though i know i cant go that low. Whadeva!
I have to choose. Get a 'proper' job that guarantees a monthly pay while I do my masters. OR model. I don't know I don't know I don't know! Well I do know actually.. I wana model! Its shit loads of fun (its just an I don't find shit loads fun) but the income is so not stable.If only money really did grow on trees. i wana be a monkey.
So as for now my decision is apply for the job and whatever and do part time modeling...but the thing is as a model I wana be big...real BIG (not literally). I don't know If you can do it all and own it all.....

SO latest gig was the Envy Magazine launch at KL Pac on 26 May (i know its sick and your eyes hurt but green is the colour of envy..eheh) .Well ok...I was given a hungover look. ...but I think it would have been a whole lot easier if they just skipped the make up and given me few bottles. ~hik~

The Event Rawked cos... 1. I met my ex student - Jas. He was in the show too! We were excited to see each other and when we first met he addressed me as Ms Jay but in the make up room I could have sworn that he had called me JAY. Ehehe =p Dont you think his make up looks like that beautiful King from 300?
2. Good food! Lotsalotsa oysters!Thanks to Emad!

The Event was Hilarious cos.... 1. The editor of the mag and this other lady said 'Oh congratulations forwining Malaysian Dreamgirl!' 'I did?hahaha' then they start pointing at each other 'I thought you watched it?!''I thought u did''but..u tod me..' and im like still laughing and having a good time watching them. Then I say 'Well thank you very much anyway...for thinking I should have won..I do feel very honored' hahaha. That was crazy. BTW the pic on the left is me and the editor of Envy - Shahrezzam.

So as I was saying I will try my best to keep the drink nice and strong. Warn me if u cant drink it anymore!

I have some more stuff to post but yet to find the time. In the mean time do not lose hope on me. Yes. I WOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOOOOO ~_~


Slayerbabe said...

choose modelling coz it's fun and we only live once!

Besides sujen ade :p, no need to worry bout money when you have a bf

working IS boring

PS: you think your in limbo? i don't even know where I'm heading in my life, nothing seems stabl so welcome to the club

Jaishana Logan said...

Well I wana choose modelling. But..I tell u when I see u la =p cerita panjang!

Hanis Zalikha said...

jay how did they pay you eh to do such thing? jawab, protege tanye ni.

Hanis Zalikha said...

how much? heh.

Anonymous said...

nadya: hahaha... poor Sujen....

Simon Seow said...

That's why i drink my Coke Light from the can.

Bob Dyldo said...

Choose modelling.

You're tall and slender. If you don't model then you're only good to clean my ceiling fans or pluck rambutans. I'm too short for that. ;P

p/s: you didn't win, so what? you're still my dreamgirl. don't tell my wife k..:P